We spend most of our time painting, carving and casting away any chance at a social life for the sake of creating high end, functional art that allows musicians to enhance their living space and show off that prized guitar collection in all its rock n’ roll glory. We put the “hand” in handmade, literally. 

Nevertheless, the drawbacks of scuffed knuckles and huffing paint fumes are far overshadowed by the positive reviews and accolades we get from endearing fans of GuitarGrip. Selling our work is good, hearing back from elated customers is great. Statements like, “The colors are vivid, realistic, and the quality is just outstanding.” and “Would highly recommend this unusual and modern way to hang and display your guitars.” is the type of ear candy that keeps us motivated to continue producing our unique hangers. Thank you Sue from Illinois and Anonymous in the USA (you know who you are).

Bill and Joya Lord's Eclectic Guitar Collection
Recently, we received another fantastic, feel good review by a wonderful couple from Lake of the Woods, Virginia. Please say hello to Bill and Joya Lord. Bill is afull-time audio narrator and Joya is a writer and business owner. Bill and Joya were gracious enough to give us a glimpse into their rock n’ roll domicile. Read on and take note of the unique, colorful ways they’ve incorporated GuitarGrip guitar hangers into their home environment. 
  1. Who's the musician in the household? Are they a Hobbyist, Collector, Career Musician?

We're both hobbyists and collectors. We used to play guitar together several decades ago in high school and started collecting after we got married at age 50!

Our house has been described as "Hard Rock Café with a sense of humor." We display our instruments as part of well thought out vignettes with complementary props. For example, we have an Esteban 1958 Chevy Impala guitar (complete with the Chevrolet "bow tie") displayed with miniature vintage pedal cars and a copy of the Cars album. Our uke hangs next to vintage Hawaiian bobbleheads and an "Aloha" sign. (At Christmas we swap it out for a "Mele Kalikimaka" sign.)

Two guitars on stands next to lamp and piano. Tiki man guitar hanger and hand guitar hanger wall display next to flat screen tv.

  1. Before GuitarGrip, how did you store or display your instruments?

Before GuitarGrip, we used regular (boring) wall hangers or stands. We got our first GuitarGrip for a replica of Paul McCartney's left-handed Hofner bass as part of a display in our house and we were hooked! When we saw the Tiki Man for our ukulele, we had to have it! We're waiting with bated breath for a way to use a GuitarGrip to mount a guitar horizontally! (See the Rocckus photo!)

Paul McCartney Hofner Bass with hand guitar hanger from GuitarGrip.PRS guitar with hand guitar hanger on orange wall.

  1. What do you like the most about GuitarGrip and our work?

GuitarGrip is all about function AND art. We display our collection of instruments as part of our home décor and friends always comment on "the hands". The uniqueness has even gotten comments from tradespeople who come into the house! The quality is great, the customer service is exceptional, and every time I look at our instruments, I smile.

Hand wall mount holding black acoustic guitar.

  1. What would you say to encourage other players to purchase GuitarGrip?

You won't be disappointed! They are beautiful, carefully crafted, and Made In America! They are well built and the headstock of your guitar will sit beautifully in the cushion. If you are hesitant, don't be. There's a style that will match your own personal style. And if you have any questions about mounting or care, customer service is GREAT and Mike will get back to you with an answer. (Hey, Mike! How about a horizontal mount?!) Seriously, you can't go wrong with GuitarGrip. (We have four of them so far!)

Keyboard hung on the wall with smile art painting.Horizontal electric guitar hanging on the wall under painting.

Thank you Joya and Bill for the kind words and for taking the time to share your original, one of a kind creations using our decorative hangers. The horizontal guitar mount is in the works, we promise! What unique displays will you create with GuitarGrip, in your home or studio? Order now and find out. Like Bill and Joya, “you won’t be disappointed”!



April 23, 2023 — Michael Ryan
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