This past March, artists, advocates, musicians, and entrepreneurs came together for the 5th Annual Puff N’ Putt Spring Fling, sponsored by NORML and Willie Nelson, at the Willie Nelson Cut N’ Putt Golf Course in Spicewood, Texas. Working to gain safe access to cannabis for adults with a focus on supporting Texas Veterans and their fight to re-legalize cannabis, some local businesses and designers were able to take part in the fun. 

Hosted for the past 5-years, the event features music from industry legends, as well as up-and-coming talents, with this year’s performances including: Folk Uke, Texas KGB, Matt Hubbard Trio, Scrapelli, Lucas Johnson, Double R Nothin’ DJ Isabella von Black, and more.

Artist Susan Zbranek

Working in collaboration with an up-and-coming Texas artist, Susan Zbranek, we were able to introduce our GuitarGrip instrument hanger at the event. Displaying her instruments using our guitar hangers, Zbranek even added her own artistic flair to each product, giving them a whole new presentation at such a lively event. As an original abstract fine artist, Zbranek has extensive experience creating original designs, patterns, and scenes on guitars, with electric and acoustic examples available on her website.



Although we were not able to be at the event physically ourselves, it was really special to have our product introduced in collaboration with such a vibrant and inspiring artist. Watching artistry transcend boundaries in something truly special.


Ibanez guitar mounting to wall with hand guitar hanger.

Acoustic guitar hand painted and mounted to display wall.


GuitarGrip Artistic Guitar Hangers

We believe that musicians should be able to secure and store their cherished guitars easily and safely while also sporting their own personal style in the process. That’s why we’ve invented guitar hangers, shaped like hands, to make even the presentation of the guitar a work of art. As the tool used by individuals around the world to write and create the music that becomes the soundtrack to our lives, we believe these musicians deserve creative  GuitarGrip products that hold the guitar steady while also making the room come to life.



Right now, we carry the Valkyrie,  Antique Finish, and Ghastly Grips for the musicians of the world, showing everyone that something creative can be made out of something totally and completely mundane.

We are absolutely thrilled to have had our products out on display at this year’s Puff N’ Putt, in accordance with the enchanting Susan Zbranek. Our guitar hangers are more than just a guitar product; they’re the key to displaying instruments in a powerfully unique, yet thoughtfully profound way.

We look forward to many more collaborations with inspiring individuals today.

- GuitarGrip

Michael Ryan