Made in Michigan

Often Imitated...

but never duplicated! We created  the first "hand shaped" guitar hanger in 2006. Shortly after that, for some ludicrous reason, we decided, "Hey!  we can manufacture these!... ourselves! We're artistic! We like making things!!" Oh boy, the lessons we've learned 😫 ...but learn we did 😄 

Has it been difficult? Umm..Yes! Has it been fun? Errr.. Mostly? Was it challenging? For Sure!. But, we love it. We take pride in every painstaking step and every cut, knick, and bruise we gained along the way. From making 16 grips our first month in biz to making thousands a year, every hanger is touched by our hands with a determination to make functional art that brings joy to us and to musicians around the world. 

Cool Creepy Cute

If you build it...

Ha! Yeah... not so much, aka..Kevin Costner's full a doo-doo. How do you let the masses know about your terrific new idea when you got zero marketing budget? You hit the streets son! 

We love interacting with our customers. One of our greatest joys is watching the smile of delight on peoples faces, both young and old, when they see our products for the first time. "Those are Creepy!", "Those are Cool!", "Well isn't that Cute! There is a "wow" factor that resinates with our unique creations. Warning! your guitar may suffer bouts of  jealousy from all the attention your hanger is getting. 😡 

New Novelties and Beyond

We gotta "hand" it...

We've heard all the puns and we love every one! ❤️  And, if we only had a bucket of bones for every time we heard..."You know what you oughta do?" When it comes to "cool art holding instruments" the list of ideas and new creations is never-ending. Being a small team, it's difficult at times to keep up with production and new product design, but we do our best! In fact, we are working on exciting new models as we speak. Stay tuned! 440Hz baby 😉  

Mike CEO of GuitarGrip guitar hanger manufacturers.

Brother, son, painter, guitarist, founder and creator of the iconic creepy human hand you have come to know and fear. ☠️

Sylvia owner or Grip Studios Inc.

Mother, artist, sculptor, mold maker, bass player and official bean counter of the biz. We love you Ma! 💘 

Dale Product Manager. Black shirt holding drumsticks.

Father, drummer, inventor, tinkerer, engineer and all things production related. Pops is always down for a jam sesh. 🤘 

Kelly employee at GuitarGrip.

Sister, daughter, the Marilyn Munster of our brood. From shipping & receiving to customer service and everything in between. She does it all 💪🏼 

Aaron casts the hands that hold your guitars.

Drummer, dreamer, caster, mold maker and friend.  Master technician of the clan, he makes sure yer hangers work right. 👊 

Ambroshia dark haired girl who pads instrument wall mounts.

Calm, efficient, and thorough, she is a mother of 4, yet still finds time to assemble Grips and package your new instrument hanger with care. 🎁 

See, Your Axe is In good Hands