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Meet the Team

Brother, son, painter, guitarist, founder and creator of the iconic creepy human hand you have come to know and fear. ☠️ 

Mother, artist, sculptor, mold maker, bass player and official bean counter of the biz. We love you Ma! 💘 

Father, drummer, inventor, tinkerer, engineer and all things production related. Pops is always down for a jam sesh. 🤘 

Sister, daughter, the Marilyn Munster of our brood. From shipping & receiving to customer service and everything in between. She does it all 💪🏼 

Drummer, dreamer, caster, mold maker and friend.  Master technician of the clan, he makes sure yer hangers work right. 👊 

Calm, efficient, and thorough, she is a mother of 4, yet still finds time to assemble Grips and package your new instrument hanger with care. 🎁 

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