Guitar Hangers vs Guitar Stands: A Logical case for elevating your Guitar Game

If you’re reading this, there are real good odds that you play guitar.  And if you do, at some point you’ve probably watched in horror as one crashed to the floor. It happens to the best of us, an inevitable side-effect of working late into the night, multitasking, excitement, and distraction. At GuitarGrip, our main goal is limiting danger to your instruments by providing a safe, stable means to hang guitars on the wall.

A few things to consider when choosing a guitar holder...

Avoid Accidental Chaos

Guitar stands are dangerously accessible to children and pets, and you’ll only have yourself to blame when the scratches and dents pile up.  Typical guitar stands are incredibly easy to kick over, and often become tangled with cords. Cords are a necessity, but you have a choice with guitar holders. Choose wisely.

Ease of Access

Some people suggest keeping guitars in cases at all times. While this is possibly the safest option, it’s counterproductive to a daily practice routine.  You’ll need constant access to your tools as a player and songwriter, and a guitar hanging on the wall professionally will allow freedom to begin work within seconds.

See It, Play It

Speaking of daily practice, players who use guitar hangers on their walls at home and in-studio will testify that seeing the instrument actually stimulates a more frequent playing routine.  Makes sense right? See it, grab it, start playing 1-2-3.

This is another reason why keeping guitars stowed away in cases may be safe, but is also counter-productive.

Set the Mood

One of the particular benefits of a GuitarGrip wall mounted guitar hanger is the aesthetic beauty they bring to a room.  Obviously, beauty is a relative term here, as metal heads may want skulls and hippies may want trees and flowers. That’s why we offer a wide array of vivid designs to suit your unique palate and help bring atmosphere to your home/studio/practice area.  We love reading testimonials from players who wall mounted guitars with our grips, claiming “They really make the room pop!”

Make no mistake, you will notice a correlation between the appearance of your practice area, and your mood when playing, and we’d love to be a useful part of that design.

Clutter Sucks

One functional downside to being a musician is the 352,874 items needed at any point to get the exact sound you’re after.  Pedals, cords, cases, power strips, and drum hardware are just a few of the many things vying for floor space in a typical studio, and guitar stands are just another thing to get in the way- an unstable and avoidable piece of riff-raff.  Elevate your instruments above the fray with a GuitarGrip wall mounted guitar hanger and you’ll notice the benefits immediately.  

Can you hang instrument cords on a GuitarGrip? Absolutely.  Do whatever you like, it’s your world, yo.

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March 29, 2016 — Michael Ryan