One thing we understand clearly about the musical community: there is plenty of spirited debate regarding the specific care of guitars and other stringed instruments. We get it. Between the ever-changing nature of wood, and various string tension options, there are so many variables that learning how to properly maintain a guitar becomes a rite of passage for any serious player.  This is particularly true of those who own and play acoustic guitars, where greater amounts of wood are exposed to humidity and higher string tension places greater force upon the bow of the neck.

Using Wall Mounted Guitar Holders

Of course there are purists who will tell you the only way to maintain perfect integrity of an acoustic guitar is to store it inside a case in a humidity-controlled environment. But let’s face it, that’s not realistic or practical for everyday players and working musicians. We realize there are also collectors who buy expensive instruments and play them seldomly (if ever), and we’re not here to convince the owner of a never-played $20,000 guitar to do anything except keep it under lock and key.  But for the rest of us, the great majority of players, we’d like to address the practicality and safety of wall mounted guitar hangers as a go-to plan. 

Expensive guitars hang on the walls of stores and studios everywhere. Common sense and physics support the idea that any minor pressure deferred through the neck or body of the guitar by hanging is offset by significantly greater pull power from the strings. Some people even maintain that hanging a guitar by the headstock helps alleviate the stress of string pull on the neck, which can reach upwards of 90 pounds on acoustics.

To be clear- the effects of humidity on wood instruments is a legitimate concern, especially with acoustics, but sound-hole humidifiers can easily be used while your guitar is hanging to help keep it in proper shape if dryness is a concern. And it also bears mention that all the home precaution in the world won’t stop mother nature from wreaking havoc on your axe at outdoor shows and humid venues. Musicians simply accept this reality because instruments are meant to be played and we roll with the punches.

Keeping Guitars Out For Practice

The balanced approach is to care for your instruments as well as you can while also making them available for use.  Our guitar hangers offer protection from accidental drop breakage while also keeping the instrument at easy reach, and daily players know the importance of both safety and convenience. Additionally, having instruments mounted on the walls of your home or studio frees up space and brings artistic beauty to your environment. Safety, practicality, ease of use, and inspirational beauty...these are priorities worth maintaining.

Above all else, keep playing!

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July 11, 2016 — Michael Ryan