Featuring Detroit artist Valley Hush, The ERERS, and Adventures with Vultures. 

GuitarGrip has long-standing ties with the Detroit music scene.  Members of our crew have jammed at clubs in the area for decades, and over the past few years we have worked with local charities, artists, and musicians at a variety of events.

Scenes change, good gigs may come and go, but those who work tirelessly in the world of music know that building new bridges (both creatively and professionally) is the lifeblood of any artist’s career.

We celebrate the spirit of connectivity with our “Strummed Out Sessions” interview series, featuring Detroit area musicians. 

One of the sessions was filmed, in part, at the Detroit Institute of Music Education (DIME), where students learn how to build successful professional careers in music.  We taped another at Assemble Sound in Detroit, whose website states:

“We convene around the belief that collaboration and cooperation can be a foundation of success for Detroit musicians and the broader ecosystem we represent.” 

Strummed Out Sessions feature three unique acts: Valley Hush, The ERERs, and Adventures With Vultures, all candidly discussing the benefits and challenges of immersing oneself in a creative mindset while moving forward with their careers.

We appreciate the insights, and wish them the best in all they do and will become.


-GuitarGrip “How Does Yours Hang”

February 14, 2017 — Michael Ryan