Guitar Hangers from GuitarGrip: A Better Resting Place for your Guitar

Guitar Hangers from GuitarGrip: A Better Resting Place for your Guitar

Most guitar players have done it: leaned instruments against walls, chairs, counters, and of course, set them on the bed. Part of the writing/rehearsal process involves unforeseen moments of inspiration, so it’s vital to keep your gear in easy reach. But it doesn’t have to be at the expense of your sanity and the safety of your guitar.
Three guitar hangers on the wall holding a Fender bass and Epiphone guitars. Gift Ideas for guitar lovers.

Gifts for Guitar Players

Buying that perfect gift for a guitar player can prove challenging. In case you haven’t noticed, they can be a bit “cliquey” when it comes to their gear. With an endless supply of cables, pedals, and other accessories on the market it’s hard to know which brand or product your shredder friend is going to appreciate the most; just because you bought him or her that small metal box with the knob thingy doesn’t mean they’ll be using it anytime soon. You could ask them what they’d like for that annual trip around the sun, but come on, wouldn’t that spoil the surprise?  Or, the conversation might go something like this “Hey dude! Whats that special piece of gear you’ve been wanting” “Oh, I’ve been wanting that Gibson Custom 1974 Les Paul Reissue…with a case!” HAHA…right dude, get a job.

If you are looking for cool, unique, one of a kind gifts for guitar lovers then check out GuitarGrip hand shaped guitar hangers. 

These guitar hangers are well crafted and designed to support many types of stringed instruments. And, it’s a hand! How cool is that! Talk about winning the award for original gift idea. Little Susie is going to open the box and most likely scream. But alas, once she realizes it’s the coolest guitar hanger ever, she’s gonna flip!  Yes, scream then flip. So will Susie’s friends when they see it holding her 74 Les Paul reissue on the wall. 

GuitarGrip guitar hangers make a perfect affordable gift for guitar players and bass players of all ages. Check out our line of wall mounted guitar holders here. 

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Music room with guitar wall display, black electronic drums set, and Foo Fighter poster.

Ultra Cool Music Room Decor

A musician’s space is a personal and inspirational corner of the planet. Here, guitarists, bassists, and musicians of all types retire to allow the music within to flow with the peaceful passion of a calm, misty stream. Essential music room decor cultivates inspiration and creativity. It permits the musician to surround themselves in an atmosphere that suits their sonic aesthetic and dial in on the sounds that best represent their innermost vulnerabilities. Whether you have a music room, dedicated man cave, or a corner in the basement, every musician needs a place to tune out the world and hear the music within. Many musicians dedicate the walls, of this special place, to the instruments they use to create their most treasured tunes. Why not allow the wall mounts themselves to echo the painstaking art created on these instruments?

Using Wall Mounted Guitar Holders

The decor of your music room is a tribute to the relics and trophies of your past, present, and, future. A wall mounted guitar holder makes a unique and functional accent to your cherished instruments and music room decor alike, perfect for musicians of all genres. From the First Act in your garage, to the $5k Gibson in your personal recording studio, there is a guitar hanger that fits your personality and style. Your character is the core of your music, taste is what defines what you love to hear and feel. Being surrounded by the things that make you happy, especially tools to make music, makes your space feel more exclusive.

Instruments are the artifacts of epic moments in history, like any trophy you’d put on display, they make for essential decor in a methodically constructed man cave or music room. When hanging a priceless instrument or even one signed by a famous musician that you deem prized, it would seem reasonable to see the vulgarity in dangling it from a ramshackle fork. Find out why a GuitarGrip wall mounted guitar hanger is the best choice and safer than these old school hooks here!

Defining Your Music Room

Let’s face it, it’s just not okay to see a David Gilmour signed Stratocaster or a Kirk Hammett signature ESP barely clinging to a flimsy wall mount. Poor care of a legendary instrument or any instrument for that matter is unacceptable. To remedy such a travesty, utilize a truly unique guitar hanger to lift those guitars high in your man cave, on display, in reverence for all three of your friends to see. 

From the flat screen, to the dart board, to that neon Budweiser sign your wife wont let you hang in the living room, your music room is a mash up of what defines your personality.

Let your music room represent your taste in music and style!

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