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The Top 5 Reasons to Mount Your Guitar with a Guitar Hanger

Every instrumentalist, musician, and guitar player absolutely cherishes their guitar, the very vessel that enables them to play, write, and create music. Whether it’s an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar, these incredible musical tools have been the foundation of some of the most life-changing and generation-defining tunes, songs, and anthems of the last centuries.
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Organize your jam space: Considerations when using Guitar Stands

Every instrumentalist knows clutter. Whether it’s musical gear, clothes, food, homework, or a maddening combination of the above, the name of the game is defeating clutter and chaos. An organized workspace promotes activity and is more inviting for others to join and work in. Keeping your stringed instruments safe is challenging with typical floor guitar stands: they take up space and are easy to bump into, even knock over. GuitarGrip custom guitar hangers keep your instruments safe and accessible.

Space and time are both valuable, and organization is essential to a functional jam space.

Level up. Live better. Keep rocking.

Guitar Hangers from GuitarGrip: A Better Resting Place for your Guitar

Guitar Hangers from GuitarGrip: A Better Resting Place for your Guitar

Most guitar players have done it: leaned instruments against walls, chairs, counters, and of course, set them on the bed. Part of the writing/rehearsal process involves unforeseen moments of inspiration, so it’s vital to keep your gear in easy reach. But it doesn’t have to be at the expense of your sanity and the safety of your guitar.
10 Haunting Halloween Guitar Accessories

10 Haunting Halloween Guitar Accessories

For true zombie rockers and guitar ghouls, Halloween spirit doesn’t end on the 31st, and why should it? Whether you’re hitting a rock-n-roll costume party or adding permanent excitement to a jam space, this list of dark and ominous guitar accessories will set your imagination on fire year-round!

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Haunted Guitar Hangers Are Here...Zombie and Skeleton Wall Mounts

Suddenly, while searching for the perfect sound, you trip on a  guitar stand on the floor, uttering a ghastly shriek as your beloved backup axe tumbles to its doom, taking all your good vibes with it. The last thing you see as you fade from happiness...your beer spilled too! Curses!!!
It's like a dagger to the heart, really annoying and hard on the nerves. This sucks.
October 24, 2017 — Michael Ryan
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Alice Cooper and His New Guitar Hangers

When I was a kid I discovered “Welcome to My Nightmare”, in my uncles vinyl collection, and it punched me right in the face. Alice Cooper, “the Godfather of Shock Rock", elevated heavy metal to new heights in entertainment. I’ve been a fan since I was a kid and was thrilled when a pic of Alice, holding his new Grip Reaper and Toxic Zombie guitar hanger, showed up in our inbox!  

A big “THANK YOU” to our close friends at the Dick Wagner “Remember the Child” fund for helping us make the connection with Alice. Dick Wagner helped create infamous rock n’ roll classics like “Only Woman Bleed” and “Welcome to My Nightmare”, and was uncredited on classics like “My Stars” from the “School’s Out” LP. Do yourself a favor and check out the “Remember the Child’ fund which carries on Dick’s legacy of helping hospitalized children with the healing powers of music. 
Both Alice and Dick were raised in Michigan, which just so happens to be the place that GuitarGrip designs and manufactures it’s unique hand shaped guitar hanger.
Guitar Hook from GuitarGrip

Not Your Typical Guitar Hooks. Make your Guitar Display Pop

Guitar Hooks have always remained something of a standard for upgrading the storage of your guitar. Off the ground and displayed on high, a guitar wall hook is a reliable solution to the problem of not only storage, but presentation too. But what happens when your hook just lacks a certain luster that your guitar simply radiates? Well, the answer is quite simple: GuitarGrips. 

Replace Those Guitar Hooks

GuitarGrip guitar hangers are a unique and stylish alternative to storing and presenting your guitar or bass with all the pride and joy of a Stevie Ray Vaughn song. You practice intensely to master those strings, so let the instrument exude the same passion and determination you have for playing it. A standard guitar hook just doesn't fit the musician's passion and dedication, it  more or less groans vanilla boredom. Ignite the walls of your music room and replace your guitar hooks with any one of GuitarGrips' signature models, to set the room ablaze with more than just your incendiary fretwork.

Consider this room here:

Guitar Hooks
This is a stylish and inspiring space that cultivates musical creativity. It's a bold, contemporary vintage aesthetic, reminiscent of the British Invasion. It's a lovely space, but it could radiate the edge and attitude the style demands by tweaking one or three simple elements: the guitar hooks. These frames make for an elegant way to hang these guitars, but the rigging up a trio of our subtle yet grungy Antique Coppers would reverberate with heavy metal fury.

GuitarGrips are a simple, minimalistic addition to any music room or studio and make superb guitar hook replacements.

Get GuitarGrip 

May 25, 2017 — Michael Ryan
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Guitar Stand, Guitar Hanger or Guitar Case - Storing your Instrument

Often, buying an expensive item requires extra purchases. Investing in a new set of golf clubs? Plan on dropping the coin for a new golf bag. Just picked up a new set of tools? A tool box might come in handy. The new guitar or bass you just purchased is no different. If you want to protect that shiny new axe there are better options than leaning it against the couch, wall, or your pillow at night, the following are 3 great options for storing your instrument. 

Guitar Stand

There is an endless list of guitar stands on the market. Most hold one guitar some hold multiple. Some fold nicely and fit into a case, which works great for that coffee-house gig, others you'll need a minor in trig just to put together. Guitar stands are good options but do come with drawbacks, including: 

  1. Taking up valuable floor space
  2. Vulnerable to being knocked over by small children, pets, and clumsy feet
  3. Not the best option for acoustic instruments in drier climates

      Protecting the finish of a Guitar

      Any guitar or bass coated with a nitrocellulose finish will need special care and treatment. Nitro finishes are lacquer based clear coats made from softer delicate materials that are prone to interact with certain guitar hangers or guitar stands. Nothing will “harsh your mellow” like coming home on a hot day, picking up your guitar for some shred time only to discover your guitars finish melted away by a cheap guitar stand. It’s best to research the make and model of your instrument to determine whether or not a nitro finish was used. Likewise, research the guitar stand manufacturer to make sure their materials are nitro safe. If you need a guarantee, just slip some cloth rags in the areas where the guitar meets the guitar stand or guitar hanger and you can  be rest assured.

      Guitar Hanger

      At GuitarGrip we manufacture guitar hangers so obviously we’re big advocates for this method of guitar storage. Displaying your instrument offers a number of benefits.

      1.  If the guitar is out in the open the odds are you’ll pick it up and play.
      2. Elevating your instrument off the floor keeps your practice, work and/or living space clean and organized.
      3. Your instrument is a work of art, why not display it as such. Nothing adds to the decor of a room like the elegance of a guitar or bass.

        Our unique line of guitar hangers will compliment your instrument beautifully and give that extra ‘wow” factor to your display. 

        Please note, it’s critical, whether using a guitar stand or guitar hanger, that you do not place these in areas that receive direct sunlight. Direct heat will reek havoc on wood, textiles, and your face. 

        Here is a link to some other guitar hangers options as well.

        Guitar Case 

        Most likely when you purchased your guitar or bass the sales person convinced you that this was a wise add-on, or they bundled it into the deal . This is a must have for any gigging musician and a pretty smart choice when taking your axe for long walks on the beach where you plan on impressing friends with your latest cover of "Smoke on the Water” around a campfire. Basically, if you ever plan on leaving your crib with guitar in hand then buy a guitar case. Acoustic guitars need a little extra lovin’ especially in dryer climates. See our blog on acoustic guitar stands for some pro tips. Guitar cases come in the soft variety, a.k.a. the gig bag, and the hard shell variety. Here is a great article reviewing the top ten guitar cases and gig bags.

        Just a personal note, stay away from cheap gig bags. The zippers are notorious for breaking, almost immediately, and they contain practically zero protection. 

        We hope this article helps keep your valuable instruments safe and sound. Keep Rockin!
        April 26, 2017 — Bold Apps
        Banjo and Gibson acoustic guitar hanging from hand shaped acoustic guitar hangers

        Storing Acoustic Guitars on Stands or Guitar Wall Hooks

        Caring for Acoustic Guitars 

        Acoustic guitars require special, humidity controlled storage to preserve their sound and structural integrity. The hypothesis that guitars perform better when dry is a myth and actually compromises not only the incrementally expensive acoustic guitar, but also the warm, soft tones it produces.

        Wood is hygroscopic, meaning it relinquishes and absorbs moisture. Fine acoustic guitars are typically constructed using strips of wood, glued together, making them susceptible to humidity and temperature.

        A few ways humidity and temperature affects acoustics:

        • High temps weaken glue
        • High humidity causes swelling and expansion
        • Low humidity causes shrinking and cracking
        • Radical changes in temperature can also cause detrimental expansion, contraction, and separation of essential components

        To prolong the life of the acoustic guitar, there are a few ways to ensure good acoustic health.

        1. Start by storing the instrument in a case with nominal air access during dry seasons.

        2. Utilize environmental control systems, air conditioners, humidifiers, space heaters, and plants to help regulate temperature and humidity.

        3. During the driest seasons of the year, take the guitar off the acoustic guitar stand or off the guitar hook and store it in a case.

        4. However, if you want to keep it on display on a guitar stand or guitar hanger, you may want to employ the use of a guitar humidifier. You can get one that pros use, for real cheap. Follow this link from Reverb.com for awesome deals on humidification systems specifically designed for acoustic guitars.


        Acoustic Guitar Stand or Guitar Hook 

          In a properly controlled environment, acoustic guitars can be displayed all year round, free from the confines of a case. If you're planning on taking these precautions to ensure the longevity of your acoustic guitar, hanging it from a stylish GuitarGrip guitar hanger is a guaranteed elegant presentation solution. You'll be keeping it free from the dangers of rowdy kids, curious pets, and the occasional inebriated guest.

          Acoustic Guitar Stand

          Present your acoustic with some of our rustic designs such as the botanic Bella Rose, or the arboreal Lumpy Stumpy, to really show off the natural aesthetic of the soft, warm, tone of an acoustic guitar. 


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          Ultra Cool Music Room Decor

          A musician’s space is a personal and inspirational corner of the planet. Here, guitarists, bassists, and musicians of all types retire to allow the music within to flow with the peaceful passion of a calm, misty stream. Essential music room decor cultivates inspiration and creativity. It permits the musician to surround themselves in an atmosphere that suits their sonic aesthetic and dial in on the sounds that best represent their innermost vulnerabilities. Whether you have a music room, dedicated man cave, or a corner in the basement, every musician needs a place to tune out the world and hear the music within. Many musicians dedicate the walls, of this special place, to the instruments they use to create their most treasured tunes. Why not allow the wall mounts themselves to echo the painstaking art created on these instruments?

          Using Wall Mounted Guitar Holders

          The decor of your music room is a tribute to the relics and trophies of your past, present, and, future. A wall mounted guitar holder makes a unique and functional accent to your cherished instruments and music room decor alike, perfect for musicians of all genres. From the First Act in your garage, to the $5k Gibson in your personal recording studio, there is a guitar hanger that fits your personality and style. Your character is the core of your music, taste is what defines what you love to hear and feel. Being surrounded by the things that make you happy, especially tools to make music, makes your space feel more exclusive.

          Instruments are the artifacts of epic moments in history, like any trophy you’d put on display, they make for essential decor in a methodically constructed man cave or music room. When hanging a priceless instrument or even one signed by a famous musician that you deem prized, it would seem reasonable to see the vulgarity in dangling it from a ramshackle fork. Find out why a GuitarGrip wall mounted guitar hanger is the best choice and safer than these old school hooks here!

          Defining Your Music Room

          Let’s face it, it’s just not okay to see a David Gilmour signed Stratocaster or a Kirk Hammett signature ESP barely clinging to a flimsy wall mount. Poor care of a legendary instrument or any instrument for that matter is unacceptable. To remedy such a travesty, utilize a truly unique guitar hanger to lift those guitars high in your man cave, on display, in reverence for all three of your friends to see. 

          From the flat screen, to the dart board, to that neon Budweiser sign your wife wont let you hang in the living room, your music room is a mash up of what defines your personality.

          Let your music room represent your taste in music and style!

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