Need a Hand hanging your guitar?
So many puns, so little time
And the Crowd went Wild
5 star performance. Our Reviews Rock
5 star performance. Our Reviews Rock


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"Toxic Zombie" Monster Hanger - Right
$ 175.00 USD
Standard Mounting Hardware
$ 2.00 USD
Slatwall Bracket
$ 8.00 USD
Round Decorative Mounting Disc
$ 5.00 USD
GuitarGrip T-Shirt. Black Shirt White Logo
$ 21.00 USD
GuitarGrip T-Shirt. Rockin' Bird in Yellow
$ 21.00 USD
GuitarGrip T-Shirt. Snake Lips in Red
$ 21.00 USD

Reshaping the guitar hanger since 2007

Our unique wall hangers hold a variety of instruments including Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Banjo and Ukuleles. All designs are original sculpted creations of GuitarGrip and each hanger is handmade in our studio in Detroit, USA.