From the Fans
From the Fans
"Hands" down the best way to display your guitar collection. Pre-order process and overall experience was "lite" for this grip. If your on the fence to get one...let me give you a push to just do it!
— Travis S. - USA
From the Fans
This is my 4th guitargrip. They look great, work great, and add a nice touch to my studio. Thanks!
— Garrett K. - USA
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All about the Garcia Grip

Listen to Mike from GuitarGrip um... & ah... through the features of these unique musical mementos designed after Jerry Garcia's iconic hand and 4 famous logos; Alligator, Wolf, Tiger & Rosebud.


Is there a difference between Left & Right?

Just because you're a right handed player does not mean you should choose a right hand model. What is important is the shape of the headstock of the instrument you will be hanging. For headstocks with uneven heels...Strats, Tele's, etc...the left hand models work best; for headstocks with even heels...Les Pauls, Most Acoustics, etc...both left and right hand models work equally well. View Left vs Right Chart

How do you install this thing?

GuitarGrip can be easily intalled into a stud. Or, into a "non" stud area using our round mounting disc. Make sure to choose the correct mounting option at checkout. For a better understanding view our Install Page here.

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