GuitarGrip x Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead

Jerry Garcia holding up his right hand with missing middle finger.

How it began...

We have an ongoing list of famous players whose hands we want to cast. Many we’ve missed out on, RIP Eddie. Many are still with us - Keith and Buddy we’re coming for ya ;) Obviously, it’s a challenge, borderline impossible, to reach some of these legends. Hence, you can imagine my surprise when the phone rings and it’s the licensing company representing Trixie Garcia, the daughter of the late, great (and yes, one of the names on our list) Jerry Garcia. 

I’m awestruck by the voice on the line and attempt to keep calm. I don’t want to give off the impression of a small family biz who’s working in a 600 sq. ft. garage with no bathroom, making everything, more or less, from scratch; have to act “Big Time”, lol. I think I’m doing alright.  A pleasant conversation ensues. Trixie has seen our work and thinks it’s really cool. Maybe there’s an opportunity to work together? The idea makes sense. Not only is Jerry a massive, iconic figure and inspiration to millions, his mythical right hand with a partial missing middle digit stands as a beacon to deadheads around the world. It graces merchandise, Grateful Dead memorabilia and even stands as an 18” monument at the Santa Barbara Bowl; an exquisite piece sculpted by artist Tom White. And, we just happen to make “hand shaped” guitar hangers. 

You can imagine, this is a strange and wonderful opportunity. A chance to turn Jerry's legendary right hand into a guitar hanger?...WHAT! The fam and I are all in. I was fortunate enough to see Jerry with The Dead in ‘92; that show made me a fan. My second time was early 93’ at Richfield Coliseum in Ohio, but that show was canceled due to a colossal snow storm. It turned out to be a momentous party, but that’s a story for another day.   Next steps begin, which involve hand- sketched ideas and concepts. There are emails, feedback and a few more phone conversations. Things are progressing well, then for whatever reason, communication stops. I have no idea why. (Ha, maybe they realize we ain't big time?) I make a few more attempts at contact, but don't want to push out of fear of annoyance, so I don’t  ( I’ve come to realize, if you want to make anything happen, sometimes you gotta be a pest, especially, when dealing with larger companies who have a ton going on... that's not professional advice ). While things are no longer moving forward, I do make a vow. I will reach out again, but only when we have a physical working prototype. A sculpted piece to wow them with...A sculpted hand to rule them all! (ok, settle down now).

Pencil Drawings of Jerry Garcia guitar hanger mock up.jpg

Pencil sketch of Jerry Garcia GuitarGrip mock up outside view.

Alternative concept Skeleton Jerry Hand with Rose on the wrist.

Original Concept Sketches by John Dykstra


Dormant...but only for five years

Fast forward almost 5 years. We’re in a much bigger shop, (Yay, it’s got a bathroom). Our focus is back on product creation and direct to consumer sales.  Now’s the perfect time to revisit the Jerry project. We have a number of detailed sketches of Jerry’s hand and the sculpture in Santa Barbara for reference. Hand sculpting a “hand” is not an easy process and capturing all the details of Jerry’s hand is critical. Because of the scope of work involved, we decide to enlist artist Gabe Escamilla to model the first prototype. Gabe is an incredible sculptor, was a toy designer for years and currently makes his own killer guitar hangers. 

Gabe and I spend a fair amount of time going over the initial look and direction we want to take. Jerry’s career spanned decades and his appendages evolved with it. There's young Jerry, older Jerry, and everything in between. We know, most likely, this will be the first of many drafts, so decide on a middle road and carry on, with the goal of capturing a look and feel that will be immediately identifiable as Jerry. It takes a solid 6 months of work for Gabe to complete the first prototype. This involves a few tweaks, changes, and modifications along the way. Finally, after all this time, we have a physical working model to showcase to the Garcia camp.

 Inside view sculpted Jerry Garcia guitar hanger on white base.jpg

Sculpted Jerry Garcia Guitar Hanger on white base.jpg

First Sculpted Prototype 


Time to reconnect...

Gabe molds the finished sculpt in silicone and makes a few additional replicas, just in case. We paint one replica in a Bronze/Gold metallic finish and age it in Antique Patina. The original, we scan to create a digital rendering. This rendering allows us to make any future changes of the model directly in the computer. This saves a weight of time on having to make modifications to the actual physical clay model. Every tiny nuance of the sculpt needs to be captured digitally, down to .002 of an inch. We choose Detroit company Cam Logic for the task. They do a superb job and create a beautiful digital rendering of the sculpture.

Needless to say, all this is completed before we reconnect with Trixie and her management team, before we even have a green light on the project. We’re taking a chance. It’s April of 2021 and Covid is in full swing. We spent the last 8 months getting the prototype ready, it’s time to reach out. But would they respond? Oh and uh... Where did I put their email?! (ha, just kidding, it’s been stuck to a pin-board next to my desk since that first phone call over 5 years ago… it’s still next to me in the new shop).

Computer rendering of Garcia hand model.jpg


Computer Rendering of Sculpt


First finished painted prototype of Garcia Grip.jpg

Painted Prototype


It takes a few days of courage mustering to send the email. It’s short and contains hi-rez images of our new Jerry Hand. I keep my hopes high but my expectations low, a balanced concoction to keep me somewhat sane as a small business owner (again… not professional advice). Fingers crossed, I hit send. Tick tock the seconds and minutes clock. And while I’m certain, if they are to respond at all, it will take a couple of days, at the least, to get back to me, in actuality it takes 20 minutes. Yes, only 20 minutes. Five years of wishing, hoping, planning and plotting. Always imagining that one day we’d have a working model, one day we’d reach out again, when the timing was right, maybe they’d respond, maybe they wouldn’t, would we, could we ever have a Jerry Garcia GuitarGrip?…in just 20 minutes we get our answer and the answer is YES! 

Green Light, Game On…

We're moving forward to a new round of development for both the Jerry Hand and a new line of Traditional Wall Hangers fashioned after Jerry’s Cherished Guitars; Alligator, Wolf, Tiger, and Rosebud. Changes are requested to the Jerry Hand and the traditional hangers we’d develop from scratch. 

These next round of changes will be done digitally.  While this process is a little easier than hacking and re-sculpting a clay model, it’s still a very time-consuming process. We bring in digital modeler Francesco Orru to assist with the modifications. While we’ve captured an overall aesthetic with the clay sculpt, the Garcia camp wants to more closely emulate a specific and well-known pose of Jerry’s Hand. Francesco is more than qualified for the job and has worked on projects with NECA and other great companies.  I draw up mockups for the traditional guitar hangers and also decorative backing plates that will support and complete the design for the Garcia Grip. We want a cohesive feel over all the models. The key elements are wood and gold tones, fashioned after the Doug Irwin guitars built specifically for Jerry, along with roses and leaf inlays. Francesco and I spent the next several months redeveloping the models. We do a couple different variations, each needing the yay or nay from the licensing team. The Aesthetic is paramount but these have to function as hangers too. And, as musicians representing a musician who is a beacon to millions of guitarists, functionality is just as important as form. Players need to feel confident using these hangers. With all our products, this is of key importance. 

Eventually, after months of reworking and getting all the final approvals needed, we only have one last person to impress, Trixie Garcia.

 Alternate Garcia from Grateful Dead with Wolf logo guitar wall mount.psd

Alternate Logo Traditional Hanger Design


Will they pass the ultimate test?

At this point, the models are all zero’s and one’s, aka digital. This last phase of the process requires physical models…. in the flesh. We need 3D prints of the files. For this, we call up our good friend Nolan at Layer 3D Innovations to assist. Nolan’s machine’s produce detail down to smallest microns and these prints need to be clean and precise to work and look proper. After a few days, we have fresh SLA models of Jerry’s hand, two separate nameplates, and 4 Logo hangers; the complete Garcia Line. From these physical models, Aaron and Dale reproduce production pieces using silicon, industrial grade resins and pressure casting. An involved process that takes weeks of tool and mold building and lot’s of patience and finesse. Lastly, the production pieces are cleaned and painted. We sample a number of different finishes but finally settle on a specific bronze/gold metal finish, with mahogany and golden oak wood tones. We shoot hi-rez photos and take a day off to relish in our efforts. The models look beautiful. It’s time to send the samples to Trixie and the Garcia Family. 

Garcia hand and two plates of SLA 3d printed parts.jpg

Rubber mold and 3d prints of Jerry Garcia guitar logo wall mounts.

Making mold of Prototype and worker overlooking production resin casting.

 Printed 3D Models and Tooling Molds. Aaron playing peek-a-boo prepping the Pressure Caster

They loves it! They really really loves it!!!

It takes a few weeks but the feedback finally arrives. Trixie LOVES the new line of Guitar Hangers!  She is very impressed by the detail and likeness to Jerry and calls the execution of design Top Notch! Our persistence and hard work has paid off. It's Official! We now have our first Artist Series, GuitarGrip. We’re beyond thrilled the artist just happens to be the legendary Jerry Garcia. 


Images from the Collection 

Collection of wall hangers showing Rosebud from the Grateful Dead and two gold wall hangers for instruments.

About the Collection

The Officially Licensed Jerry Garcia Hanger Collection consists of 6 designs. 

Two Jerry Hand Versions;

  • Jerry Hand w/ decorative “Jerry” nameplate. Retail $235
  • Jerry Hand w/ ornate decorative “Jerry Garcia” nameplate. Retail $295

Jerry Hand Dimensions: 7.5" x 5.5" x 5"  -  Weight: 2.5 lbs.

And, Four "Jerry Logo" Traditional Style Wall Hangers. Retail $125 


  • Alligator
  • Wolf 
  • Tiger 
  • Rosebud  

Logo Hanger Dimensions: 8" x 6" x 1" - Weight:  1 lbs.

The Jerry Hand versions are numbered editions and include a Certificate of Authenticity and a few other goodies.

Certificate of Authenticity gold lettering black background.

Everything is handmade in our Shop in Michigan and casted in industrial resin to support musical and non musical items. The raw materials we use in manufacturing these pieces are supplied by US factories. 

Each hanger is top coated in Gold Metal Flake and Wood Stain. After, an antiqued rubbed finish is applied to make the details pop. A final touch of red and green accents accentuates the Rose and Pedals. 

A cushioned insert supports the instrument and felt backing protects the wall. All models are easy to install and rotate to adjust for various types of items and instruments, including; guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo and more. Of course, non-musical items hang great too. 

 As you can see, it took hundreds of hours to design and sculpt this very special collection. It takes hours of effort by our team to manufacture just one piece. From building molds, to casting raw materials, to tiny hand painted details, every step is an endeavor to create a beautiful work of functional art that reflects the beauty and quality embodied in both Jerry’s music and the instruments he played. 

We hope these "hand"crafted mementos, dedicated to the legacy of Jerry Garcia, bring creativity and inspiration to your musical space. - Mike and the GG Fam


July 26, 2022 — Michael Ryan
Tags: Jerry Garcia
Meet the Ryans

Meet the Ryans

If you don't know who we are, well, here we are.

  • Mike : Brother, son, singer-songwriter, founder and creator of the Herculean looking creepy human hand you might already have hanging on your wall, or are considering buying.
  • Kelly : Sister, daughter, the Marilyn Munster of our brood that keeps the books and orders in order.  Also the hand model for the cool creepy chic version of our human hand.
  • Sylvia : Mother, artist, sculptor and official conscience of the business.  She has been very concerned, and rightfully so, about increasing our prices in the shadow of this pandemic and what that implies for both the business and the family.
  • Dale : Father, drummer, inventor, tinkerer, engineer and all things production related as well as the wise sage who helps guide the Cap'n of this ship so we don't hit the rocks or listen to the sirens calls for too long.

If you're wondering why we've raised the prices (and especially during this pandemic), you can read about our new pricing here.


April 16, 2020 — Michael Ryan

New Website + Pricing + Perspective 👀

Hey you.  Out there in the cold, getting lonely getting old, can you feel me?  What are you doing to cope with Corona?  What are you doing both professionally and personally?  What changes have you made?  What are you doing, right now?

We are doing the exact same things that we imagine all of you are doing, trying to navigate an extremely difficult situation, attempting to adapt the best we can and trying our best to keep both the business and our dreams afloat.  That is the blunt truth behind raising our prices.

There's no graphics or gotchyas or fine print or any other noise with this post, simply a recognition of three things :

  1. Raising prices created an immediate demand lever in the short-term.
  2. That demand lever immediately stopped on April 1st (no foolin').
  3. We have no clue what the future holds.

If you're a barista, or a musician, or bartender, or automotive employee, or waitress, or movie usher, or teacher, or work any of the other millions of jobs that have been instantly affected by Coronapocalypse (hash tag #FukCorona, hash tag #DontSayHashTagBeforeYouHashTag), then you understand the severity of the situation.  That severity affects our family too, both personally (we cannot risk seeing our 92 year old grandmother right now, and she is totally isolated) and professionally, and both in severe ways. 

While this plan to raise pricing was put into place long before Corona, we had to make the difficult decision to move forward with it, in the shadow of this shutdown, especially here in our area of Michigan (one of several areas now deemed by FEMA as a disaster area). We're also trying to help our fellow musicians by donating 19% of our proceeds to the Michigan Musician's Relief Fund for the duration of the Michigan shelter in place shutdown.

Does Amazon or GM or Walmart tell you as either employees or customers any of that with this amount of transparency?  No.  Should we have posted this message?  (Shakes magic 8-ball.  Unclear.  Ask again later.)  What we do know is that whoever remains with us on this new journey as we move towards the future will certainly be the tribe we've always hoped to find. 

The Hate 💔 

Some will find our communications offensive and insensitive (Frick those squares! JK. Kinda). 

1st email : You guys fucking suck.
2nd email : Stupid fucking advertising seeing as how you can't fulfill orders.
3rd email
: Fuck off!

An acutely articulate, persistent and loquacious lad named Bryan 👏

Thank you for the response. I am shocked —as a proud owner of three other of your grips—I never received an email about the increase. —but more than double is unbelievable —ESPICALLY during this time of world recession!! I will let all my social media followers know of such a price gouging!! Sad —VERY sad. Best wishes to you and company!!

~ Tony, Saint Petersburg FL

This one hurt, a lot. I mean, a LOT a lot. 💔 A very bigly much lot. 😢Many an internal chat was had about Tony and his very understandable perspective and thoughtful email. We're sorry. We love you Tony.  We need Tony! ❤️Come back to us Tony, if you feel so inclined in the future. I know it's not you. It's us. Please stay safe.

Your raising your prices during this Pandemic?!?! You are a bunch of ASSHOLES!!! I am officially blocking you and will never buy your product again! Grow up and act like a professional company in your emails and not some valley school girl. I can't believe you actually wrote and emailed out the below! I'm embarrassed for you and will be blocking you after this!!!

~ Keith, currently in the 2nd stage of GripGrief, presumably

Like gag me with a spoon to the totes max Keith. I can't even. Byeee!👋

The Love ❤️ 

Some will laugh and virtually high-five us (from six clicks apart please) and send love notes of support and appreciation (thank you dearly for those).

Keep the dream alive. Best of luck to you and your family. I love what you guys are doing. I just bought one and am stoked. Keep up the great work.

~ Ben, Hanahan SC

Just purchased my 6th grip, waiting to be shipped. Love your f—cking s—t. Was tempted to buy more, ran out of guitars. Raising prices is a necessary evil for any company, you do what you gotta do! Good luck and keep on grippin’

~ Corky, Port Charlotte FL

Dear GuitarGrip family (and bearded guy!), I'm so sorry you are in the "danger zone". I just wanted you to know that as bleak as things are, you managed to make at least one person smile with your emails, even if she is "across the pond" as they say! Stay safe, all of you. Best of luck for the future of your company, I'll (metaphorically speaking) see you on the other side!

~ With regards, Corrina (UK) (Fellow artist, musician and nerd)

Awesome! Thanks for the laugh! Thanks for having a great sense of humor and spreading the cheer! I love your products. I have about 8 around my house. That also means I have too many guitars hanging..but if the world is coming to an end..I must have my guitars.

~ Lisa, AL

The End 🏁

To wrap up, we have no idea where this ship will land after the storm.  Our sincerest hope is that we do find shelter and the ability to move forward and recover however long that takes and however difficult it is.  It is also truly important to all of the Ryan family + bearded homeless marketing guy; that you and your family are safe, remain that way, and hold on to hope of finding shelter from the storm.

April 16, 2020 — Michael Ryan
teenage with black curly hair reaching for guitar hanging on wall.

The Top 5 Reasons to Mount Your Guitar with a Guitar Hanger


Every instrumentalist, musician, and guitar player absolutely cherishes their guitar, the very vessel that enables them to play, write, and create music. Whether it’s an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar, these incredible musical tools have been the foundation of some of the most life-changing and generation-defining tunes, songs, and anthems of the last centuries. If you are someone who enjoys strumming on a guitar, you know just how close the bond is between that of a musician and their guitar

As a result, we’re going to look at one of the best ways to ensure your guitar stays in prime and preserved condition. Here are the top 5 reasons to use a guitar wall mount:  


1. Spatial Design:  Guitars are works of art; would you disagree? By mounting them to your wall, they can compliment any space, adding an element of personality and depth to just about every kind of interior design. It’s a fun and easy way to spruce up your home, studio, apartment, etc. 

Fender stratocaster hanging from red wall next to shelf and picture of Kurt Cobain

Guitars hung on the wall can add character to any room


2. Motivation:  Generally, musicians feel more motivated to grab their guitar and get right to work if it’s out in the open, staring back at them. If you ever feel a lack of motivation to write a new song or just practice on a daily basis, having your guitar out in the open, on a guitar wall mount, will really inspire you to get strumming.

girl with tattoos sitting down playing red fender guitar 

Instruments out of the case will be played more often


3. Convenient:  Guitar stands are nice, sure, but they end up claiming walking space in your studio or home. If you are looking to maximize the space in your living quarters, placing the guitar on the wall is a convenient way to open up space while also adding to the interior design.

Man inconvenienced by having to lift up guitar and guitar stand to vacuum underneath.

Guitar stands can get in the way and take up valuable floor space 


4. Out of Reach:  If you have pets or children, you know how easily they can get “into things” that should be out of sight and out of mind. A beautiful acoustic guitar just begs to be played with, especially if you are in another room. With mounting the guitar on the wall, it will now be out of reach. Instead, your pets and children can admire it from the ground, perhaps even piquing their interest in playing music for the future.


5. Safely Preserved:  A lot of expert craftsmanship and many stages of engineering goes into the creation of an acoustic or electric guitar. As a result, they need to be properly preserved in a way that will not alter their structure or performance. Guitar hangers are a proven safe and effective technique for storing the guitars. However, if your home or studio is a “dry” space, we do recommend using a humidifier for acoustic instruments.


Planet Waves acoustic guitar humidifier being inserted into instrument.

Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Humidifier


GuitarGrip Guitar Hangers 

Here at GuitarGrip, we provide a variety of guitar wall mounts and hangers for you to consider moving forward. We believe that preserving your guitar in a way that is convenient and also aesthetically pleasing will make your life a lot easier. Not to mention, if there are kids or pets around, it’s an easy solution to meddling worries. 

Consider a new space for your guitar in 2019.

Artist Susan Zbranek Paints GuitarGrip Guitar Hangers at Willie Nelson Event.

Artist Susan Zbranek Paints GuitarGrip Guitar Hangers at Willie Nelson Event.

This past March, artists, advocates, musicians, and entrepreneurs came together for the 5th Annual Puff N’ Putt Spring Fling, sponsored by NORML and Willie Nelson, at the Willie Nelson Cut N’ Putt Golf Course in Spicewood, Texas. Working to gain safe access to cannabis for adults with a focus on supporting Texas Veterans and their fight to re-legalize cannabis, some local businesses and designers were able to take part in the fun. 

Hosted for the past 5-years, the event features music from industry legends, as well as up-and-coming talents, with this year’s performances including: Folk Uke, Texas KGB, Matt Hubbard Trio, Scrapelli, Lucas Johnson, Double R Nothin’ DJ Isabella von Black, and more.

Artist Susan Zbranek

Working in collaboration with an up-and-coming Texas artist, Susan Zbranek, we were able to introduce our GuitarGrip instrument hanger at the event. Displaying her instruments using our guitar hangers, Zbranek even added her own artistic flair to each product, giving them a whole new presentation at such a lively event. As an original abstract fine artist, Zbranek has extensive experience creating original designs, patterns, and scenes on guitars, with electric and acoustic examples available on her website.



Although we were not able to be at the event physically ourselves, it was really special to have our product introduced in collaboration with such a vibrant and inspiring artist. Watching artistry transcend boundaries in something truly special.


Ibanez guitar mounting to wall with hand guitar hanger.

Acoustic guitar hand painted and mounted to display wall.


GuitarGrip Artistic Guitar Hangers

We believe that musicians should be able to secure and store their cherished guitars easily and safely while also sporting their own personal style in the process. That’s why we’ve invented guitar hangers, shaped like hands, to make even the presentation of the guitar a work of art. As the tool used by individuals around the world to write and create the music that becomes the soundtrack to our lives, we believe these musicians deserve creative  GuitarGrip products that hold the guitar steady while also making the room come to life.



Right now, we carry the Valkyrie,  Antique Finish, and Ghastly Grips for the musicians of the world, showing everyone that something creative can be made out of something totally and completely mundane.

We are absolutely thrilled to have had our products out on display at this year’s Puff N’ Putt, in accordance with the enchanting Susan Zbranek. Our guitar hangers are more than just a guitar product; they’re the key to displaying instruments in a powerfully unique, yet thoughtfully profound way.

We look forward to many more collaborations with inspiring individuals today.

- GuitarGrip

May 02, 2018 — Michael Ryan
messy looking musician wrapped in guitar cables, guitar, keyboard and guitar pedals

Organize your jam space: Considerations when using Guitar Stands

Every instrumentalist knows clutter. Whether it’s musical gear, clothes, food, homework, or a maddening combination of the above, the name of the game is defeating clutter and chaos. An organized workspace promotes activity and is more inviting for others to join and work in. Keeping your stringed instruments safe is challenging with typical floor guitar stands: they take up space and are easy to bump into, even knock over. GuitarGrip custom guitar hangers keep your instruments safe and accessible.

Space and time are both valuable, and organization is essential to a functional jam space.

Level up. Live better. Keep rocking.

Guitar Hangers from GuitarGrip: A Better Resting Place for your Guitar

Guitar Hangers from GuitarGrip: A Better Resting Place for your Guitar

Most guitar players have done it: leaned instruments against walls, chairs, counters, and of course, set them on the bed. Part of the writing/rehearsal process involves unforeseen moments of inspiration, so it’s vital to keep your gear in easy reach. But it doesn’t have to be at the expense of your sanity and the safety of your guitar. A properly installed wall mounted guitar holder  will keep your guitar on your mind and in your hands in seconds, allowing you to remain busy without paying the price in scratches and dents.

GuitarGrip premium wall mounted guitar holders are not only solid and convenient, they also add instant character to the decor of your room. 

Level up. Live better. Keep rocking.

10 Haunting Halloween Guitar Accessories from Guitar Hangers to Pedals

10 Haunting Halloween Guitar Accessories from Guitar Hangers to Pedals

Ten Halloween Guitar Accessories

For true zombie rockers and guitar ghouls, Halloween spirit doesn’t end on the 31st, and why should it?

Whether you’re hitting a rock-n-roll costume party or adding permanent excitement to a jam space, this list of dark and ominous guitar accessories will set your imagination on fire year-round!


Kirk Hammett Guitar Pics

Kirk Hammett Guitar Picks

Take your shredding to another level with custom picks inspired by legendary Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett. The six-pack offers monsters, mysteries, and mysticism for the picking aficionado. 

Kirk Hammett Guitar Pics

Retro Monster Themed Guitar Picks 

Horror Guitar Picks

These vivid guitar picks feature gorgeous retro-horror detail, including many well-loved classics. Some feature stunning detail, others quirky humor, but all of them will take you back to the golden age of horror. 

Monster Pics 

GuitarGrip Zombie & Skeleton Hand Guitar Hangers

skeleton hand guitar hook holding ltd bass guitar. offers a variety of wildly cool custom wall mounted hand shaped guitar hangers such as the Grip Reaper and Toxic Zombie. Deck out your jam lair in mad style with durable, functional, freaky hand-shaped hangers. 

Shark Capos 

Shark Capo

Arguably the quirkiest of all guitar accessories, shark capos allow a player to swim their way from one key to another with ease and style. Chomp chomp. 

Shark Capos

Coffin Case Guitar & Bass Cases 

coffin case guitar case

Step out of this world and into Dracula’s realm with the classic Coffin Case. Plush, secure, iconic, and convenient for day-sleepers. Be sure to check out the stylish Coffin guitar hanger too!

13 Creepy Guitars 

Esp Devil Guitar gathered a list of the most evil custom guitars known to man/beast. The final entry will haunt your dreams for all eternity...   


Horror Guitar Effects 

Skeleton guitar pedal put together a list of 40 Creepy Guitar pedals. Some of these wild designs will leave you howling with envy. Imagine the sounds you can make! 


Horror Guitar Skins

Horror guitar skins

Radically enhance the appearance of your guitar’s body with these durable “marine grade” skins. Your eye-catching axe will rise from the grave to thank you. 


Custom Painted Horror Guitar Designs

horror painted guitar

Bring your own unique monster vision to life with custom design layout and painting from Mohawk Crew. The sky (or tomb) is the limit “There's almost nothing that we can't do.” 


Zombie Guitar straps

zombie guitar strap

Available in a variety of flesh-eating designs, these custom guitar straps are constructed with durable polyester or genuine high quality leather. Eat brains, rock harder, and look cool doing it.

Don’t let Halloween pass you by. Indulge yourself with these spooky relics and keep the spirit of horror alive 365!



zombie hand and skeleton hand guitar hangers sticking out of the ground in cemetery

Haunted Guitar Hangers Are Here...Zombie and Skeleton Wall Mounts

On a moonlit Friday night in late October, the jam session is about to begin.

Dark Ekko 616 Analog Delay echoes in the background, the  Marshall Plexi Stack is cranked to 11, and the band comes to life.

Drums and bass build to a fierce crescendo and a wolf howls in the distance as your solo screams in E diminished...or maybe that was just a really sweet riff.

Suddenly, while searching for the perfect sound, you trip on a  guitar stand on the floor, uttering a ghastly shriek as your beloved backup axe tumbles to its doom, taking all your good vibes with it. The last thing you see as you fade from happiness...your beer spilled too! Curses!!!
It's like a dagger to the heart, really annoying and hard on the nerves. This sucks.

Wall Mounted Guitar Holder to the Rescue

But the plot didn't have to go down like that. GuitarGrips insanely cool guitar hooks could have stylishly averted this dark fate, allowing a player to safely accent their jam lair with a vibrant edge.

Befriend a  Toxic Zombie or the Grip Reaper to help defend your guitar against distractions, drunk friends, or curious kids.
These Xtra spooky wall mounts will get your guitar's back in any tight spot.
You need a healthy guitar to lay down monster riffs. Don't let an unforeseen drop murder your six string companions or you'll wander through the afterlife filled with ghoulish regret.

The best part: with a variety of styles and vibrant details,  GuitarGrip wall holders will keep you in the spirit long after Halloween has come and gone. If you want to make your jam space visually pop while taking great care of your stringed instruments, we have the perfect solution. Our custom guitar hangers will remove clutter, maximize floor space and bring a thrilling, artistic atmosphere to the room, all while protecting against accidental droppage.

Happy Halloween. Rock on, and rock safely!


zombie hand guitar hanger


skeleton hand guitar hanger


October 24, 2017 — Michael Ryan
Alice Cooper holding a zombie and a skeleton guitar hangers

Alice Cooper and His New Guitar Hangers

When I was a kid I discovered “Welcome to My Nightmare”, in my uncles vinyl collection, and it punched me right in the face. Alice Cooper, “the Godfather of Shock Rock", elevated heavy metal to new heights in entertainment. I’ve been a fan since I was a kid and was thrilled when a pic of Alice, holding his new Grip Reaper and Toxic Zombie guitar hanger, showed up in our inbox!  

A big “THANK YOU” to our close friends at the Dick Wagner “Remember the Child” fund for helping us make the connection with Alice. Dick Wagner helped create infamous rock n’ roll classics like “Only Woman Bleed” and “Welcome to My Nightmare”, and was uncredited on classics like “My Stars” from the “School’s Out” LP. Do yourself a favor and check out the “Remember the Child’ fund which carries on Dick’s legacy of helping hospitalized children with the healing powers of music. 
Both Alice and Dick were raised in Michigan, which just so happens to be the place that GuitarGrip designs and manufactures it’s unique hand shaped guitar hanger.
guitar hanger holding red fender stratocaster. Also, 2 red hand guitar hangers.

Guitar Holder Wall Mount Systems

Guitar Wall Mount Systems

Guitar wall systems are the typical go-to for the musician with many guitars, it's a simple way to consolidate your storage issues into one simple solution. These systems make it easy to store and display the spectrum of instruments in your music room for your guests or bandmates to marvel upon. However, guitar wall-rack systems are usually semi-permanent solutions to storage and lack the freedom to reposition or relocate. 

Drawbacks to Guitar Wall Racks

These systems are installed at about eye level, or slightly higher, for an ergonomic storage solution that can be modified to suit any and all heights. They're largely inexpensive, but there are drawbacks to such a system. Typically, they require two mounting screws, drilled into a mount that is also mounted to a wall. The mounts are tightly fastened into the studs to withstand the weight of multiple guitars. This makes it difficult to reposition the system or move it. Another major drawback is a simple one: they just don't look cool. Guitar wall mount systems don't have the flair and edge a guitarist needs in their music room, that expressive flash of color that represents the musician's inner fire.

Easy Solution to the Guitar Wall Stand

GuitarGrip has a solution to the wall mount system predicament. GuitarGrips are mounted directly to the wall, using a simple one screw system that's easy to install and relocate. Their low profile makes it easy to mount alongside one another, and they come in a wide spectrum of colors, so you can show off all those sick guitars in your studio or music room with style and ease. 

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June 05, 2017 — Michael Ryan
Guitar Hook from GuitarGrip

Not Your Typical Guitar Hooks. Make your Guitar Display Pop

Guitar Hooks have always remained something of a standard for upgrading the storage of your guitar. Off the ground and displayed on high, a guitar wall hook is a reliable solution to the problem of not only storage, but presentation too. But what happens when your hook just lacks a certain luster that your guitar simply radiates? Well, the answer is quite simple: GuitarGrips. 

Replace Those Guitar Hooks

GuitarGrip guitar hangers are a unique and stylish alternative to storing and presenting your guitar or bass with all the pride and joy of a Stevie Ray Vaughn song. You practice intensely to master those strings, so let the instrument exude the same passion and determination you have for playing it. A standard guitar hook just doesn't fit the musician's passion and dedication, it  more or less groans vanilla boredom. Ignite the walls of your music room and replace your guitar hooks with any one of GuitarGrips' signature models, to set the room ablaze with more than just your incendiary fretwork.

Consider this room here:

Guitar Hooks
This is a stylish and inspiring space that cultivates musical creativity. It's a bold, contemporary vintage aesthetic, reminiscent of the British Invasion. It's a lovely space, but it could radiate the edge and attitude the style demands by tweaking one or three simple elements: the guitar hooks. These frames make for an elegant way to hang these guitars, but the rigging up a trio of our subtle yet grungy Antique Coppers would reverberate with heavy metal fury.

GuitarGrips are a simple, minimalistic addition to any music room or studio and make superb guitar hook replacements.

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May 25, 2017 — Michael Ryan