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Meet the Ryans

We Make the Freaky Hands you're about to buy

If you don't know who we are, well, here we are.

  • Mike : Brother, son, singer-songwriter, founder and creator of the Herculean looking creepy human hand you might already have hanging on your wall, or are considering buying.
  • Kelly : Sister, daughter, the Marilyn Munster of our brood that keeps the books and orders in order.  Also the hand model for the cool creepy chic version of our human hand.
  • Sylvia : Mother, artist, sculptor and official conscience of the business.  She has been very concerned, and rightfully so, about increasing our prices in the shadow of this pandemic and what that implies for both the business and the family.
  • Dale : Father, drummer, inventor, tinkerer, engineer and all things production related as well as the wise sage who helps guide the Cap'n of this ship so we don't hit the rocks or listen to the sirens calls for too long.
  • Erika : Grandmother, mother, immigrant and sturdy oak trunk of our family tree.  She helps pack up the Grips and open up our hearts.  This photo is from her 92nd birthday.  Love you Oma! ❤️
  • Rosie : Girlfriend, photographer, mental support, and the only sane voice in the Grip group.  "These hands are creepy.  Mike is creepy.  This family's creepy."  Hasn't been seen since this photograph.

If you're wondering why we've raised the prices (and especially during this pandemic), you can read about our new pricing here.

Hand guitar hook hangers getting painted.

Since 2007

From Our Hands to Yours

Our Gripping Origin Story

From an idea in Mike's kitchen, to a conversation with his parents, and after working through a period of FUD, GuitarGrip officially launched in 2007 with our first sale!

Since then we have labored and watched our ideas evolve, re-examining and tweaking every step meticulously. As a collective, we design, manufacture, and market our products in-house, focusing on physical detail, artistic style and customer care in equal measures.

Our family takes customer feedback very seriously, and we have built systems to expedite delivery and ensure the highest quality worthy of your trust and satisfaction. 

For the past 13 years, sales have grown exponentially.  GuitarGrips are now sold in over a dozen countries to rave customer reviews. Hailing proudly from the diverse and resilient musical culture of Detroit Rock City 👈where you can expect the unexpected, we will continue chasing our dream. Hopefully our Michigan-made brand will inspire you to work and play the way it inspires us.

                                                                     – Grip Fam

Wanna Say Hi?

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