Male left hand guitar hanger. Black cracked finish. Inside view.
Black cracked finish hand guitar mount for the wall. Front view.
Black hand male guitar grip. Outside view.
GuitarGrip hand shaped guitar hanger. Black cracked finish. Back view.

Male - Black - Left

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Subtle cracked look combined with a bold, black matte makes your “instrument” the focal point while creating a simple and clean look. Our black matte guitar hanger is an almost perfect match for any color guitar or bass and looks great on solid or pattern colored walls.


Left or Right?

Mounting Disc

How do I install?

Sometimes simple is hard, right?  Right. Our mounting disc makes it easy to install Grip where no stud is available. How does yours Hang? Decide mounting options at checkout!

If you need a hand, view our quick installation video.

Watch the Install Video


• Cushioned insert to protect the neck of your guitar/bass/banjo or other.
• Padded felt at the base to protect wall from damage. 
• Easy to install, with an embedded ¼ inch 20 count steel post. 
• Swivels to adjust for most styles of headstocks.
• Standard mounting hardware included. 
• Alternative mounting options
• Available in left and right hand designs.