Guitar wall hook fashioned after a zombie hand. Inside view.
zombie hand guitar wall mount hook.
Inside view of zombie grip studios hanger for bass and electric guitars. Front angled view.
Front hand zombie guitar wall mount. Green color with white nails. Front view.
Guitar Grips monster zombie hand guitar wall hook. Outside view.
Right hand zombie guitar grip. Green in color and red painted gore. Back view.

Zombie - Right

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"What's in your head, your head, Zombie, Zombie, Zomie-ie-ie" - Our Monster Grips are casted in high quality resin, sanded, cleaned, and painted in multiple layers of color. We use airbrush and dry-brush techniques. Every piece is washed in dull black, hand rubbed, and top coated in matte clear.  Finish will vary slightly from picture. No two Grips will ever be exactly the same.

Our right hand Grips work best for acoustic style and reverse style headstocks. 

Mounting Disc

How do I install?

Sometimes simple is hard, right?  Right. Our mounting disc makes it easy to install Grip where no stud is available. How does yours Hang? Decide mounting options at checkout!

If you need a hand, view our quick installation video.

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