Every instrumentalist, musician, and guitar player absolutely cherishes their guitar, the very vessel that enables them to play, write, and create music. Whether it’s an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar, these incredible musical tools have been the foundation of some of the most life-changing and generation-defining tunes, songs, and anthems of the last centuries. If you are someone who enjoys strumming on a guitar, you know just how close the bond is between that of a musician and their guitar

As a result, we’re going to look at one of the best ways to ensure your guitar stays in prime and preserved condition. Here are the top 5 reasons to use a guitar wall mount:  


1. Spatial Design:  Guitars are works of art; would you disagree? By mounting them to your wall, they can compliment any space, adding an element of personality and depth to just about every kind of interior design. It’s a fun and easy way to spruce up your home, studio, apartment, etc. 

Fender stratocaster hanging from red wall next to shelf and picture of Kurt Cobain

Guitars hung on the wall can add character to any room


2. Motivation:  Generally, musicians feel more motivated to grab their guitar and get right to work if it’s out in the open, staring back at them. If you ever feel a lack of motivation to write a new song or just practice on a daily basis, having your guitar out in the open, on a guitar wall mount, will really inspire you to get strumming.

girl with tattoos sitting down playing red fender guitar 

Instruments out of the case will be played more often


3. Convenient:  Guitar stands are nice, sure, but they end up claiming walking space in your studio or home. If you are looking to maximize the space in your living quarters, placing the guitar on the wall is a convenient way to open up space while also adding to the interior design.

Man inconvenienced by having to lift up guitar and guitar stand to vacuum underneath.

Guitar stands can get in the way and take up valuable floor space 


4. Out of Reach:  If you have pets or children, you know how easily they can get “into things” that should be out of sight and out of mind. A beautiful acoustic guitar just begs to be played with, especially if you are in another room. With mounting the guitar on the wall, it will now be out of reach. Instead, your pets and children can admire it from the ground, perhaps even piquing their interest in playing music for the future.


5. Safely Preserved:  A lot of expert craftsmanship and many stages of engineering goes into the creation of an acoustic or electric guitar. As a result, they need to be properly preserved in a way that will not alter their structure or performance. Guitar hangers are a proven safe and effective technique for storing the guitars. However, if your home or studio is a “dry” space, we do recommend using a humidifier for acoustic instruments.


Planet Waves acoustic guitar humidifier being inserted into instrument.

Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Humidifier


GuitarGrip Guitar Hangers 

Here at GuitarGrip, we provide a variety of guitar wall mounts and hangers for you to consider moving forward. We believe that preserving your guitar in a way that is convenient and also aesthetically pleasing will make your life a lot easier. Not to mention, if there are kids or pets around, it’s an easy solution to meddling worries. 

Consider a new space for your guitar in 2019.