Tiki man wall mounted ukulele hanger. Side view.
Fender ukulele hanging from GuitarGrip tiki hanger.

Tiki Uke Man Yanger (TUMY)

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Ooga chaka. Ooga. Ooga. Ooga chaka. Ooga.

I---I----I'm, hooked on a Tiki 👈is what your ukulele will be singing to itself with all the bravado of Star Lord, beauty of Gamora, and the cool X-fa, ehem, Guardian factor of the others, as it is proudly and safely displayed amongst your wall of favorite musical instruments.

TUMY deliveries begin in June.

Cool part is, if you look at it just right (high enough), it seems like his junk is holding your uke. His beautiful, magical junk.

While you're pondering that positively existential concept, here's a happy uke tune from Bishop Allen to make you smile.

p.s. This product is the brainchild of our esteemed patriarch Dale. 4.20 is Dale's birthday (and Hitler's, but let's ignore that part). So spark up, eat up, drink up, order a TUMY, say Happy Birthday to Dale and always look on the bright side of life.