Ten Halloween Guitar Accessories

For true zombie rockers and guitar ghouls, Halloween spirit doesn’t end on the 31st, and why should it?

Whether you’re hitting a rock-n-roll costume party or adding permanent excitement to a jam space, this list of dark and ominous guitar accessories will set your imagination on fire year-round!


Kirk Hammett Guitar Pics

Kirk Hammett Guitar Picks

Take your shredding to another level with custom picks inspired by legendary Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett. The six-pack offers monsters, mysteries, and mysticism for the picking aficionado. 

Kirk Hammett Guitar Pics

Retro Monster Themed Guitar Picks 

Horror Guitar Picks

These vivid guitar picks feature gorgeous retro-horror detail, including many well-loved classics. Some feature stunning detail, others quirky humor, but all of them will take you back to the golden age of horror. 

Monster Pics 

GuitarGrip Zombie & Skeleton Hand Guitar Hangers

skeleton hand guitar hook holding ltd bass guitar.


GuitarGrip.com offers a variety of wildly cool custom wall mounted hand shaped guitar hangers such as the Grip Reaper and Toxic Zombie. Deck out your jam lair in mad style with durable, functional, freaky hand-shaped hangers. 


Shark Capos 

Shark Capo

Arguably the quirkiest of all guitar accessories, shark capos allow a player to swim their way from one key to another with ease and style. Chomp chomp. 

Shark Capos

Coffin Case Guitar & Bass Cases 

coffin case guitar case

Step out of this world and into Dracula’s realm with the classic Coffin Case. Plush, secure, iconic, and convenient for day-sleepers. Be sure to check out the stylish Coffin guitar hanger too! 


13 Creepy Guitars 

Esp Devil Guitar

Leftyfretzy.com gathered a list of the most evil custom guitars known to man/beast. The final entry will haunt your dreams for all eternity... 



Horror Guitar Effects 

Skeleton guitar pedal

PremierGuitar.com put together a list of 40 Creepy Guitar pedals. Some of these wild designs will leave you howling with envy. Imagine the sounds you can make!



Horror Guitar Skins

Horror guitar skins

Radically enhance the appearance of your guitar’s body with these durable “marine grade” skins. Your eye-catching axe will rise from the grave to thank you.



Custom Painted Horror Guitar Designs

horror painted guitar

Bring your own unique monster vision to life with custom design layout and painting from Mohawk Crew. The sky (or tomb) is the limit “There's almost nothing that we can't do.” 


Zombie Guitar straps

zombie guitar strap

Available in a variety of flesh-eating designs, these custom guitar straps are constructed with durable polyester or genuine high quality leather. Eat brains, rock harder, and look cool doing it. 


Don’t let Halloween pass you by. Indulge yourself with these spooky relics and keep the spirit of horror alive 365!