On a moonlit Friday night in late October, the jam session is about to begin.

Dark Ekko 616 Analog Delay echoes in the background, the  Marshall Plexi Stack is cranked to 11, and the band comes to life.

Drums and bass build to a fierce crescendo and a wolf howls in the distance as your solo screams in E diminished...or maybe that was just a really sweet riff.

Suddenly, while searching for the perfect sound, you trip on a  guitar stand on the floor, uttering a ghastly shriek as your beloved backup axe tumbles to its doom, taking all your good vibes with it. The last thing you see as you fade from happiness...your beer spilled too! Curses!!!
It's like a dagger to the heart, really annoying and hard on the nerves. This sucks.

Wall Mounted Guitar Holder to the Rescue

But the plot didn't have to go down like that. GuitarGrips insanely cool guitar hooks could have stylishly averted this dark fate, allowing a player to safely accent their jam lair with a vibrant edge.

Befriend a  Toxic Zombie or the Grip Reaper to help defend your guitar against distractions, drunk friends, or curious kids.
These Xtra spooky wall mounts will get your guitar's back in any tight spot.
You need a healthy guitar to lay down monster riffs. Don't let an unforeseen drop murder your six string companions or you'll wander through the afterlife filled with ghoulish regret.

The best part: with a variety of styles and vibrant details,  GuitarGrip wall holders will keep you in the spirit long after Halloween has come and gone. If you want to make your jam space visually pop while taking great care of your stringed instruments, we have the perfect solution. Our custom guitar hangers will remove clutter, maximize floor space and bring a thrilling, artistic atmosphere to the room, all while protecting against accidental droppage.

Happy Halloween. Rock on, and rock safely!


zombie hand guitar hanger


skeleton hand guitar hanger


Michael Ryan