Guitar Hangers from GuitarGrip: A Better Resting Place for your Guitar

Guitar Hangers from GuitarGrip: A Better Resting Place for your Guitar

Most guitar players have done it: leaned instruments against walls, chairs, counters, and of course, set them on the bed. Part of the writing/rehearsal process involves unforeseen moments of inspiration, so it’s vital to keep your gear in easy reach. But it doesn’t have to be at the expense of your sanity and the safety of your guitar. A properly installed wall mounted guitar holder  will keep your guitar on your mind and in your hands in seconds, allowing you to remain busy without paying the price in scratches and dents.

GuitarGrip premium wall mounted guitar holders are not only solid and convenient, they also add instant character to the decor of your room. 

Level up. Live better. Keep rocking.

10 Haunting Halloween Guitar Accessories from Guitar Hangers to Pedals

10 Haunting Halloween Guitar Accessories from Guitar Hangers to Pedals

Ten Halloween Guitar Accessories

For true zombie rockers and guitar ghouls, Halloween spirit doesn’t end on the 31st, and why should it?

Whether you’re hitting a rock-n-roll costume party or adding permanent excitement to a jam space, this list of dark and ominous guitar accessories will set your imagination on fire year-round!


Kirk Hammett Guitar Pics

Kirk Hammett Guitar Picks

Take your shredding to another level with custom picks inspired by legendary Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett. The six-pack offers monsters, mysteries, and mysticism for the picking aficionado. 

Kirk Hammett Guitar Pics

Retro Monster Themed Guitar Picks 

Horror Guitar Picks

These vivid guitar picks feature gorgeous retro-horror detail, including many well-loved classics. Some feature stunning detail, others quirky humor, but all of them will take you back to the golden age of horror. 

Monster Pics 

GuitarGrip Zombie & Skeleton Hand Guitar Hangers

skeleton hand guitar hook holding ltd bass guitar. offers a variety of wildly cool custom wall mounted hand shaped guitar hangers such as the Grip Reaper and Toxic Zombie. Deck out your jam lair in mad style with durable, functional, freaky hand-shaped hangers. 

Shark Capos 

Shark Capo

Arguably the quirkiest of all guitar accessories, shark capos allow a player to swim their way from one key to another with ease and style. Chomp chomp. 

Shark Capos

Coffin Case Guitar & Bass Cases 

coffin case guitar case

Step out of this world and into Dracula’s realm with the classic Coffin Case. Plush, secure, iconic, and convenient for day-sleepers. Be sure to check out the stylish Coffin guitar hanger too!

13 Creepy Guitars 

Esp Devil Guitar gathered a list of the most evil custom guitars known to man/beast. The final entry will haunt your dreams for all eternity...   


Horror Guitar Effects 

Skeleton guitar pedal put together a list of 40 Creepy Guitar pedals. Some of these wild designs will leave you howling with envy. Imagine the sounds you can make! 


Horror Guitar Skins

Horror guitar skins

Radically enhance the appearance of your guitar’s body with these durable “marine grade” skins. Your eye-catching axe will rise from the grave to thank you. 


Custom Painted Horror Guitar Designs

horror painted guitar

Bring your own unique monster vision to life with custom design layout and painting from Mohawk Crew. The sky (or tomb) is the limit “There's almost nothing that we can't do.” 


Zombie Guitar straps

zombie guitar strap

Available in a variety of flesh-eating designs, these custom guitar straps are constructed with durable polyester or genuine high quality leather. Eat brains, rock harder, and look cool doing it.

Don’t let Halloween pass you by. Indulge yourself with these spooky relics and keep the spirit of horror alive 365!



zombie hand and skeleton hand guitar hangers sticking out of the ground in cemetery

Haunted Guitar Hangers Are Here...Zombie and Skeleton Wall Mounts

On a moonlit Friday night in late October, the jam session is about to begin.

Dark Ekko 616 Analog Delay echoes in the background, the  Marshall Plexi Stack is cranked to 11, and the band comes to life.

Drums and bass build to a fierce crescendo and a wolf howls in the distance as your solo screams in E diminished...or maybe that was just a really sweet riff.

Suddenly, while searching for the perfect sound, you trip on a  guitar stand on the floor, uttering a ghastly shriek as your beloved backup axe tumbles to its doom, taking all your good vibes with it. The last thing you see as you fade from happiness...your beer spilled too! Curses!!!
It's like a dagger to the heart, really annoying and hard on the nerves. This sucks.

Wall Mounted Guitar Holder to the Rescue

But the plot didn't have to go down like that. GuitarGrips insanely cool guitar hooks could have stylishly averted this dark fate, allowing a player to safely accent their jam lair with a vibrant edge.

Befriend a  Toxic Zombie or the Grip Reaper to help defend your guitar against distractions, drunk friends, or curious kids.
These Xtra spooky wall mounts will get your guitar's back in any tight spot.
You need a healthy guitar to lay down monster riffs. Don't let an unforeseen drop murder your six string companions or you'll wander through the afterlife filled with ghoulish regret.

The best part: with a variety of styles and vibrant details,  GuitarGrip wall holders will keep you in the spirit long after Halloween has come and gone. If you want to make your jam space visually pop while taking great care of your stringed instruments, we have the perfect solution. Our custom guitar hangers will remove clutter, maximize floor space and bring a thrilling, artistic atmosphere to the room, all while protecting against accidental droppage.

Happy Halloween. Rock on, and rock safely!


zombie hand guitar hanger


skeleton hand guitar hanger


October 24, 2017 — Michael Ryan
guitar hanger holding red fender stratocaster. Also, 2 red hand guitar hangers.

Guitar Holder Wall Mount Systems

Guitar Wall Mount Systems

Guitar wall systems are the typical go-to for the musician with many guitars, it's a simple way to consolidate your storage issues into one simple solution. These systems make it easy to store and display the spectrum of instruments in your music room for your guests or bandmates to marvel upon. However, guitar wall-rack systems are usually semi-permanent solutions to storage and lack the freedom to reposition or relocate. 

Drawbacks to Guitar Wall Racks

These systems are installed at about eye level, or slightly higher, for an ergonomic storage solution that can be modified to suit any and all heights. They're largely inexpensive, but there are drawbacks to such a system. Typically, they require two mounting screws, drilled into a mount that is also mounted to a wall. The mounts are tightly fastened into the studs to withstand the weight of multiple guitars. This makes it difficult to reposition the system or move it. Another major drawback is a simple one: they just don't look cool. Guitar wall mount systems don't have the flair and edge a guitarist needs in their music room, that expressive flash of color that represents the musician's inner fire.

Easy Solution to the Guitar Wall Stand

GuitarGrip has a solution to the wall mount system predicament. GuitarGrips are mounted directly to the wall, using a simple one screw system that's easy to install and relocate. Their low profile makes it easy to mount alongside one another, and they come in a wide spectrum of colors, so you can show off all those sick guitars in your studio or music room with style and ease. 

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June 05, 2017 — Michael Ryan
Guitar Hook from GuitarGrip

Not Your Typical Guitar Hooks. Make your Guitar Display Pop

Guitar Hooks have always remained something of a standard for upgrading the storage of your guitar. Off the ground and displayed on high, a guitar wall hook is a reliable solution to the problem of not only storage, but presentation too. But what happens when your hook just lacks a certain luster that your guitar simply radiates? Well, the answer is quite simple: GuitarGrips. 

Replace Those Guitar Hooks

GuitarGrip guitar hangers are a unique and stylish alternative to storing and presenting your guitar or bass with all the pride and joy of a Stevie Ray Vaughn song. You practice intensely to master those strings, so let the instrument exude the same passion and determination you have for playing it. A standard guitar hook just doesn't fit the musician's passion and dedication, it  more or less groans vanilla boredom. Ignite the walls of your music room and replace your guitar hooks with any one of GuitarGrips' signature models, to set the room ablaze with more than just your incendiary fretwork.

Consider this room here:

Guitar Hooks
This is a stylish and inspiring space that cultivates musical creativity. It's a bold, contemporary vintage aesthetic, reminiscent of the British Invasion. It's a lovely space, but it could radiate the edge and attitude the style demands by tweaking one or three simple elements: the guitar hooks. These frames make for an elegant way to hang these guitars, but the rigging up a trio of our subtle yet grungy Antique Coppers would reverberate with heavy metal fury.

GuitarGrips are a simple, minimalistic addition to any music room or studio and make superb guitar hook replacements.

Get GuitarGrip 

May 25, 2017 — Michael Ryan
Bella Rose hand guitar hanger with yellow background.

A Great Alternative to the Acoustic Guitar Stand

It’s often said that shifts in music are measured in decades. While bands of the late 80’s, spider tapping their medieval armament shaped guitars, struggled to stay relevant, the MTV series “Unplugged”, brought a renewed focus on the acoustic guitar, an adoration not seen since the 70’s. Since then, acoustic instruments such as the banjo, ukulele, and acoustic bass continue to gain center stage. Acoustic Instruments can adorn any living space. How does yours hang? Do you use a case, guitar stand, or a guitar hanger for your acoustic?

Hanging your Acoustic Guitar

Even those not musically inclined can agree, acoustic instruments carry a certain beauty. They’re primitive, almost timeless, the craftsmanship strewn through every curve and grain. While acoustic instruments definitely need extra love and care, they can make a charming addition to any home or music studio.

When choosing were to place your acoustic instrument, consider a guitar hanger over an acoustic guitar stand. Acoustic guitar stands can leave your instrument vulnerable to small children, and pets. Likewise, stands take up valuable floor space. 

GuitarGrip Acoustic Guitar Hangers

GuitarGrip offers a great alternative over acoustic guitar stands and traditional guitar hangers. 

Check out our unique line of Faux Wood Finish wall mounts here.  These original one-of-a-kind guitar hooks will beautify your home while displaying your acoustic instrument as a work of art. 

Banjo and Gibson acoustic guitar hanging from hand shaped acoustic guitar hangers

Storing Acoustic Guitars on Stands or Guitar Wall Hooks

Caring for Acoustic Guitars 

Acoustic guitars require special, humidity controlled storage to preserve their sound and structural integrity. The hypothesis that guitars perform better when dry is a myth and actually compromises not only the incrementally expensive acoustic guitar, but also the warm, soft tones it produces.

Wood is hygroscopic, meaning it relinquishes and absorbs moisture. Fine acoustic guitars are typically constructed using strips of wood, glued together, making them susceptible to humidity and temperature.

A few ways humidity and temperature affects acoustics:

  • High temps weaken glue
  • High humidity causes swelling and expansion
  • Low humidity causes shrinking and cracking
  • Radical changes in temperature can also cause detrimental expansion, contraction, and separation of essential components

To prolong the life of the acoustic guitar, there are a few ways to ensure good acoustic health.

  1. Start by storing the instrument in a case with nominal air access during dry seasons.

  2. Utilize environmental control systems, air conditioners, humidifiers, space heaters, and plants to help regulate temperature and humidity.

  3. During the driest seasons of the year, take the guitar off the acoustic guitar stand or off the guitar hook and store it in a case.

  4. However, if you want to keep it on display on a guitar stand or guitar hanger, you may want to employ the use of a guitar humidifier. You can get one that pros use, for real cheap. Follow this link from for awesome deals on humidification systems specifically designed for acoustic guitars.


Acoustic Guitar Stand or Guitar Hook 

    In a properly controlled environment, acoustic guitars can be displayed all year round, free from the confines of a case. If you're planning on taking these precautions to ensure the longevity of your acoustic guitar, hanging it from a stylish GuitarGrip guitar hanger is a guaranteed elegant presentation solution. You'll be keeping it free from the dangers of rowdy kids, curious pets, and the occasional inebriated guest.

    Acoustic Guitar Stand

    Present your acoustic with some of our rustic designs such as the botanic Bella Rose, or the arboreal Lumpy Stumpy, to really show off the natural aesthetic of the soft, warm, tone of an acoustic guitar. 


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    Music room with guitar wall display, black electronic drums set, and Foo Fighter poster.

    Ultra Cool Music Room Decor

    A musician’s space is a personal and inspirational corner of the planet. Here, guitarists, bassists, and musicians of all types retire to allow the music within to flow with the peaceful passion of a calm, misty stream. Essential music room decor cultivates inspiration and creativity. It permits the musician to surround themselves in an atmosphere that suits their sonic aesthetic and dial in on the sounds that best represent their innermost vulnerabilities. Whether you have a music room, dedicated man cave, or a corner in the basement, every musician needs a place to tune out the world and hear the music within. Many musicians dedicate the walls, of this special place, to the instruments they use to create their most treasured tunes. Why not allow the wall mounts themselves to echo the painstaking art created on these instruments?

    Using Wall Mounted Guitar Holders

    The decor of your music room is a tribute to the relics and trophies of your past, present, and, future. A wall mounted guitar holder makes a unique and functional accent to your cherished instruments and music room decor alike, perfect for musicians of all genres. From the First Act in your garage, to the $5k Gibson in your personal recording studio, there is a guitar hanger that fits your personality and style. Your character is the core of your music, taste is what defines what you love to hear and feel. Being surrounded by the things that make you happy, especially tools to make music, makes your space feel more exclusive.

    Instruments are the artifacts of epic moments in history, like any trophy you’d put on display, they make for essential decor in a methodically constructed man cave or music room. When hanging a priceless instrument or even one signed by a famous musician that you deem prized, it would seem reasonable to see the vulgarity in dangling it from a ramshackle fork. Find out why a GuitarGrip wall mounted guitar hanger is the best choice and safer than these old school hooks here!

    Defining Your Music Room

    Let’s face it, it’s just not okay to see a David Gilmour signed Stratocaster or a Kirk Hammett signature ESP barely clinging to a flimsy wall mount. Poor care of a legendary instrument or any instrument for that matter is unacceptable. To remedy such a travesty, utilize a truly unique guitar hanger to lift those guitars high in your man cave, on display, in reverence for all three of your friends to see. 

    From the flat screen, to the dart board, to that neon Budweiser sign your wife wont let you hang in the living room, your music room is a mash up of what defines your personality.

    Let your music room represent your taste in music and style!

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