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Organize your jam space: Considerations when using Guitar Stands

Every instrumentalist knows clutter. Whether it’s musical gear, clothes, food, homework, or a maddening combination of the above, the name of the game is defeating clutter and chaos. An organized workspace promotes activity and is more inviting for others to join and work in. Keeping your stringed instruments safe is challenging with typical floor guitar stands: they take up space and are easy to bump into, even knock over. GuitarGrip custom guitar hangers keep your instruments safe and accessible.

Space and time are both valuable, and organization is essential to a functional jam space.

Level up. Live better. Keep rocking.

Three guitar hangers on the wall holding a Fender bass and Epiphone guitars. Gift Ideas for guitar lovers.

Gifts for Guitar Players

Buying that perfect gift for a guitar player can prove challenging. In case you haven’t noticed, they can be a bit “cliquey” when it comes to their gear. With an endless supply of cables, pedals, and other accessories on the market it’s hard to know which brand or product your shredder friend is going to appreciate the most; just because you bought him or her that small metal box with the knob thingy doesn’t mean they’ll be using it anytime soon. You could ask them what they’d like for that annual trip around the sun, but come on, wouldn’t that spoil the surprise?  Or, the conversation might go something like this “Hey dude! Whats that special piece of gear you’ve been wanting” “Oh, I’ve been wanting that Gibson Custom 1974 Les Paul Reissue…with a case!” HAHA…right dude, get a job.

If you are looking for cool, unique, one of a kind gifts for guitar lovers then check out GuitarGrip hand shaped guitar hangers. 

These guitar hangers are well crafted and designed to support many types of stringed instruments. And, it’s a hand! How cool is that! Talk about winning the award for original gift idea. Little Susie is going to open the box and most likely scream. But alas, once she realizes it’s the coolest guitar hanger ever, she’s gonna flip!  Yes, scream then flip. So will Susie’s friends when they see it holding her 74 Les Paul reissue on the wall. 

GuitarGrip guitar hangers make a perfect affordable gift for guitar players and bass players of all ages. Check out our line of wall mounted guitar holders here. 

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